Quick Facts

  • Team UOW have two all-in-one inverter/energy storage units in the Desert Rose House from German company E3DC.
  • Fully charged, the energy storage units can store 13.8 kWh, enough to power an average small home for a whole day.
  • Team UOW intelligently control the charging and discharging of the batteries to ensure the home utilises the maximum amount of renewable energy in the home.
Team UOW Battery system
Hager- Team UOW

The Desert Rose plant room contains two all-in-one E3DC S10 Mini energy storage units. Each unit contains a 7 kW solar inverter and 6.9 kWh of lithium-ion energy storage. Combined, the batteries provide a total of 13.6kWh (kilowatt hours) of storage, enough to power an average house for a day.

Combining both solar PV and energy storage in one unit allows UOW to intelligently control and monitor these renewable resources to ensure the house utilises the maximum amount of renewable energy. The S10 units were supplied by Hager and are the first of their kind in Australia.

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